One thing that I absolutely love about living in Idaho is that people forget about our State. They mix it up with Iowa, Ohio, Indiana or Utah. The misperception of being surrounded by fields of potatoes is almost a badge of honor for those of us that get to call this absolutely beautiful and amazing State home. While we do not have the beaches of California or Florida, or the amusement parks and entertainment of Disney, Idaho boasts a wealth of recreation opportunities that almost all 49 of the other States are envious of. If bringing your group to North Idaho for a wedding or conference, here are several opportunities to enjoy the beauty and fun of our amazing region of the Country.

Most folks view winter as a time where you huddle in your home and sit by the fire with a warm coco and read a good book. You can do that anywhere in the country, although in the warmer climates it might not be that comfortable. In North Idaho, we are an active community and have easily accessible ski resorts within distance to enjoy a full day on the slopes. If you are like me and skiing is too hard on your knees, try a snowmobile adventure in the back country. There are several groups that will take you and your crew out to explore nature. If plowing through snow at a high rate of speed is not your thing, try cross country skiing or snow shoeing which is easy on the knees and moves at a slower pace.

One great thing you can do at almost any time of year in North Idaho is hike. There are numerous hiking trails available year-round that cover the range from beginner to crazy aggressive. These hikes can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a half or full day. They are also easily accessible. There are hiking trails within the City limits or a short drive away. Just remember to bring a bottle of water and a good pair of shoes. If hiking isn’t your thing, try horse back riding. There are groups available that provide tours for all ages and experience levels to explore areas that are not accessible via motorized vehicles.

For the thrill seekers out there, North Idaho is home to an amusement park that houses roller coasters, water slides and fun for all ages. Keep in mind though, the park is seasonally operated. We also have businesses that provide zip-line tours through the peaks and trees of our mountainous region. Of course, revisiting our love for motor sports there are also opportunities to rent ATV’s to explore the back-country areas during the mild weather and summer seasons.

North Idaho is home to several miles of bike trails that stretch across the State between Montana and Washington. Most of these trails are paved and easily accessed at numerous points along the way which is very convenient for families to make short trips with the kids. There are also several off-road mountain bike trails as well as a few BMX style courses. Feel free to bring your own bike or rent one. There are several shops that offer repair and rental services. As most cities are bike and walker friendly it is a great way to explore the communities in North Idaho as well.

Our region is home to a ridiculous number of golf courses for as small as we are. If golf is your game, we have a course available from the (I won’t call it simple) par 3 type to resort style to a private absolutely difficult course that can be accessed if you know the right people. There are numerous public, semi public and private options available. North Idaho is even home to several celebrities whom you may run into on the course or around town. Greens fees are also extremely affordable in comparison to other parts of the country.

You truly cannot identify North Idaho if you do not appreciate the beauty of our many lakes and rivers. We are primarily a water-based community and relish any chance we can to get out and enjoy water-based activities. Things as simple as floating along the river or puttering along the lake are activities we look forward to all year long. The rivers provide opportunities for fly-fishing while our lakes provide opportunity for traditional fishing or jet skiing or water skiing or wake boarding. There are white-water rafting tours or kayaking or stand up paddle boarding rentals available. You may want a bird’s eye view of things with a boat plane tour or a ride on a parasail. You may just want to dip your toes in the water which is easy to do with miles upon miles of public access to our many lakes and rivers.

I could literally spend all day writing about other activities available in our small corner of the world, but by now you should get the idea that there is something for everyone available in North Idaho. There are not many places in this world where you can experience such a wide variety of activities surrounded by the unbelievable scenery that North Idaho provides. Oftentimes, you may be able to enjoy multiple activities in one day depending on the time of the year. While just a sample of what is available, we hope it is enough to whet your appetite and consider bringing your group or event to North Idaho.