The legal system can be an expensive decision to explore. Mediation can be an affordable option that may avoid costly litigation and court fees. BDL Mediation provides a non-biased, impartial solution to resolve disagreements in a civil in sane manner whether for your business or your personal life.

Why Mediation?

  • Allows an opportunity for each party to explain the dispute directly to the other from their own unique and personal perspective.
  • Guides the conversation in a way that helps each participant listen to the other and be heard in an environment that fosters mutual respect and personal dignity.
  • Refrains from offering any personal opinions or advice and instead empowers the parties, helping them discover and explore innovative ways to collaboratively influence the outcome of the dispute.
  • Helps participants in finding a constructive path to work together and generate mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Enhances the likelihood that participants will honor the agreement between them, because it represents their own mutual needs and interests rather than those of a mediator, arbitrator, or judge.