When it comes to choosing decorations for your event there is nothing easier and that has more impact than floral displays.  Your local florist or floral specialist can assist you in choosing designer or seasonal flowers that are guaranteed to make your event “pop”. From the traditional bridal bouquet and boutonnieres to center pieces and flower petals there are a wide variety of options and services your floral partner can provide.  We recently met with Marissa Cooper at Sunflower Floral in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to discuss trends in the floral industry.


Sunflower Floral in Coeur d’Alene is more than your standard florist.  They also provide unique gifts and rental items to accent your event.  The store has a wide selection of gift items.  They also provide a wide variety of rental items such as sheppard hooks and lanterns to add to the ambience of your event.  Some florists even provide arches for your ceremony.


Floral arrangements have moved beyond seasonal offerings.  Florists are sourcing their flowers from all over the world.  This guarantees that the florist will be able to provide the specific flowers you are looking at for your event.  There is also a big trend in organic flowers.  These flowers do not have the pesticides that many flowers do to assist with fertilization, growth and color.  There are many local floral resources for your florist to choose from if you are adamant that they provide organic flowers.


For the most part, your florist meets with clients usually two to three times to discuss floral displays for your event.  However, depending on the scope and scale of your event your florist may need additional meetings.  It takes time to take the client idea and develop it into what they are looking for.  Ultimately, your florist is trying to get it right for you.  Sometimes, the number of meetings just depends on the couple and what they are looking for.


Sunflower Floral has seen everything from the traditional and rustic romance type of wedding floral displays to the crazy, fun one’s.  Whatever it is the client wants, Marissa and Sunflower try to make it happen.  Just a few examples of themes they have seen over the years include a Harley Davidson theme, a Doctor Who theme and a Dia de Los Muertos theme.  Marissa says, “we love the fun one’s, they are unique”.


Some final advice from your florist is to try and give them plenty of time and advance notice to complete your floral order.  While they can often turn around last-minute requests, floral is their art and they would like some time to ensure they get it right.  The more time they have, the better your display will be.