Winter in the Inland Northwest can prevent some challenges. The days are short, gray and the weather makes it difficult to get outside and enjoy activities that we wait all year to participate in. To alleviate the boredom of winter, we began an experiment this year with winter events.

Most people do not realize The Estate at Elk Point is open year-round for any sort of private event. Nearly four years ago we started our “Happy Hour” concept that opened the venue to the public during the weekdays from Memorial to Labor Day. This concept morphed into “Stella’s on the Hill”. We have further expanded this concept to now include events that are open to the public during the winter season.

The winter season is a difficult time for most in the Inland Northwest. The weekdays find it difficult to do anything other than go to work, go home, watch tv and hang out with the family. There are not a lot of things to do during the winter. El Point hopes to alleviate that with a few simple ideas we have implemented this winter, and plan to expand on for next year.

In January we started a Paint Night. This concept is similar to what a couple of “chain” type businesses in town have started with a “paint & wine” concept. Because we are not stuck in a franchise rulebook, we are able to be flexible with our concept. We have partnered with Cindi Thoma to lead our Paint Night series. If you are not familiar with Cindi, she has led Painting classes across the Inland Northwest and US South. Our Paint Night offerings will soon include light appetizers from our catering partner, Chef Tony Shields and Left Coast Fusion. Once food is available, we will be able to open Paint Night for families with children under 21.

In March we began a Trivia Night offering. One icy Tuesday night in December I happened to drive by the Post Falls Brewery and noticed that their facility was packed with people. Turns out it was Trivia Night. I thought, if people are packing Post Falls Brewery on a Tuesday night in the dead of winter, people are clearly looking for something to do in addition to drinking a great collection of beers! We are offering Trivia Night every other Tuesday night with our trivia partners at Ruby Frog Entertainment. We hope to continue Trivia Night into the Happy Hour Season when we re-open Stella’s on the Hill on Tuesday, May 28th.

Throughout the year’s Elk Point has been viewed as an ideal private meeting/business retreat location for those looking for a private venue with an amazing view and amenities. Nothing has changed here. The Estate at Elk Point continues to host meetings, retreats, planning sessions, etc. for businesses and non-profit organizations year-round. Elk Point is easily accessible, just a few minutes from downtown Coeur d’Alene and Interstate 90. There is free onsite parking. Audio/Video services are included. Affordable catering options are also available covering everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or snacks.

Last summer we hosted a dinner party for North Idaho Life. Our catering partner, Chef Tony Shields and Left Coast Fusion created an amazing menu for the approximately 150 guests attending the event that evening. Now, who says these types of dinner parties have to be held during the summer months? The indoor space at The Estate at Elk Point can accommodate up to 80 to 100 people depending on the configuration. While not exactly dining under the stars, there is still an experience that a restaurant or other facility in our area is unable to provide.

If you know anything about the Principals from our parent company, EP Global, you know that they are heavily involved in our community through their involvement with several non-profit organizations. It is strongly encouraged that all employees under EP Global volunteer and support non-profit organizations in our community. With that in mind, The Estate at Elk Point offers a significant discount to non-profit organizations that need a location for meeting space, or fundraisers.

A few things to look forward to as we plan out the next year. There are going to be changes in our beverage selections coming up. Stay tuned for tasting events featuring some local breweries and wine-makers. We are also working to bring in non-music entertainment that is guaranteed to “put a smile on your face”. Family movie nights may be making a return on Friday evenings in the winter season. How about a physical activity? Line dancing and yoga may also be making appearances at the venue.

Keep your eyes open for a survey that will be going out sometime later this year. We always value input from our community. Plus, some of our best ideas come from chatting with those that come up to the venue to have a drink and enjoy the view. Stay tuned to our Social Media pages for updates and the calendar of events.