Of all the inevitabilities we have, the one thing that is for sure is that at some point our lives on this earth will come to an end. While there are many ways to remember our family and friends, the most common is a funeral or memorial service. Did you know that this remembrance does not have to be held at a church or funeral home? The Estate at Elk Point has hosted several celebrations of life since our opening in 2008.

Many folks that choose to rent The Estate at Elk Point do so because of the amazing photogenic backdrop of Lake Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding mountainsides. The venue really is everything good about North Idaho. We are also much more flexible than a church when it comes to the ceremony and processes of a funeral, memorial service or celebration of life. Because many folks fail to plan for the end of life inevitability, family members are often left scrambling to find an available location for a service so that friends and family can say goodbye to the deceased. Outside of the summer tourist and wedding season, Elk Point often has weekend availability to accommodate those that may have had to travel to attend the farewell celebration.

So, what should someone that is having to plan a funeral, memorial service or a celebration of life be prepared for? What follows are a few tips we have picked up over the last several years of not only hosting end of life related events, but weddings, meetings, fundraisers and parties of all shapes and sizes as well.

First and foremost, plan for availability. While some States and religions have laws and rules regarding how quickly the deceased must be “laid to rest”, Idaho is fairly flexible in this timeline as are most religions. Weekends are probably more preferred for guests as they are outside the traditional work-week schedule. However, during the summer months Elk Point is often booked years in advance for wedding ceremonies. We are fairly flexible during the weekdays and can close the venue for private events.

One key thing to keep in mind, the Elk Point venue’s maximum occupancy is 175 guests in a mixed use indoor/outdoor environment. The indoor facility can hold up to 80-125 depending on configuration during the bad weather winter months. The indoor facility has heat and air-conditioning to help keep guests comfortable during their visit. There are approximately 100 parking spaces on site at the venue and we can easily accommodate full buses, shuttle service, taxi services and ride-sharing services.

A minister, pastor, reverend, priest, rabbi, etc. is not required to preside over your ceremony at Elk Point. You are definitely welcome to have these religious leaders do so though. If needed, Elk Point can provide an officiant for your ceremony. Our officiant will meet with you to go over the order of service and to get information about the deceased. If using an outside officiant, Elk Point will work with them to ensure that everyone is on the same page with logistics and guidelines. We are always happy to make recommendations if needed to connect our clients with an officiant to meet their needs.

Whenever family comes together, you can pretty much guarantee that food should be involved. Thanks to some amazing catering partnerships Elk Point can provide a pretty flexible menu of food choices to serve your guests. These selections include a wide variety of appetizers to full steak and seafood dinners, along with everything in between.

Although only licensed for beer and wine at this time Elk Point can also provide a wide variety of selections to toast and cheer the deceased. With the growth of our craft beer scene we are able to offer several different choices on our eight taps from IPA’s, Stouts, Ciders and more. We also offer the full spectrum of wine selections from affordable to premium, to regional to local.

Sending out your loved one’s is an important milestone in each of our lives. At Elk Point we try to make this part of the process as seamless and easy as possible. We want you, your family and your friends to have a great experience and remember the good times you have had with the departed.