You are never too young, and you are never too old to celebrate a special person’s birthday. The Estate at Elk Point has been the location for birthday celebrations from infants, to children, to teenagers to adults of all ages. You don’t need someone in a giant mouse suit to have fun at a birthday party. We have a few tips and tricks from past birthday parties that have been held at The Estate at Elk Point to help you along in planning your next celebration.

The majority of people using the venue for a birthday party normally choose to book a private event. Although, we do have people that have held birthday parties while the venue is open to the public during Happy Hour/Stella’s on the Hill. The private event allows for exclusive use of the venue and grounds, along with a very flexible decorating plan. During public events at Stella’s on the Hill, there are all sorts of people around that are not there to participate in a birthday party. They are there to hang out, listen to live music, play corn hole or drink adult beverages. Private events also have flexibility over the menu that is served through our exclusive catering partner. The public events are limited to the menu available during Happy Hour. Happy Hour service may be slower as the kitchen is not setup for large groups, whereas the caterer is geared up for serving a private event quickly and efficiently.

Because we do not provide it, guests are welcome to provide their own dessert or cake for the birthday celebration. While some caterers do offer cake cutting services, that is one thing we do not offer at The Estate at Elk Point. Therefore, come prepared with utensils, plates, napkins and appropriate clothing (aprons) as these items are not available from the venue for these services.

We mentioned we have a fairly flexible decorating plan. The sheer majority of people usually take no more than an hour to decorate the venue for their event whether it is a birthday party, celebration of life, business meeting or even a wedding. The only rule we have when it comes to decorating is to not attach anything to the walls. We do have hooks provided should you wish to string anything across the ceiling or along the walls. We always recommend hiring a professional decorator and provide referrals for this service to any client that books the venue.

Most birthday party events tend to run anywhere between 4 and 6 hours from arrival to departure. This includes decorating and cleanup time. Most parties usually run in the 2-3 hour range from guest’s arrival to departure. During this time there is the greeting of guests, cocktail hour, dinner/lunch/buffet, toasts, gifts, visiting and goodbyes. It is amazing how quickly this time can go by.

The surprise party is a popular choice for many folks that have rented The Estate at Elk Point for a birthday party. We always feel a little bad for the guest of honor though. They are usually blindfolded and do not get to take in the beauty of the Estate at Elk Point until they have had a chance to go through the emotions of the surprise. It is usually much later during the event where the guest of honor finally gets a chance to sit back and take in everything. However, it is always fun to watch the excitement build amongst the guests in anticipation of the arrival and reaction of the birthday boy or girl.

We at Elk Point always enjoy a good party. Birthday parties are always a fantastic celebration. The stories that are told by guests and attendees in honor of the birthday recipient cover the full spectrum of laughter, joy and tears. A birthday celebration is a must on many people’s bucket list.